Meet the most recently diagnosed angel, Conner Phillip Hopf.  Conner was born on a snowy January day in 2005 to his parents Carl and Desiree and his big brother Brenden.  He is from Ellicott City, Maryland.  We got to celebrate his very 1st birthday with him and felt special to be included in their lives!


A few words from his mother..."I am plagued every moment of every day, that there is nothing I can do to make my sweet and innocent baby healthy. It is a cruel reality that I will have to sit by and watch a part of my heart and soul die. I cry and pray everyday for Conner. I am going to make whatever time Conner has left on this earth filled with family, wonderful memories, and most of all, love. I do not have the luxury of time with my son.  I can do nothing but follow my heart and make the absolute best of whatever time God grants me. My mission to honor Conner is to educate all populations on these terrible diseases, so they may be eradicated."


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