Hi everyone!

We wanted you to share in the fun of the boys’ beautiful afternoon this week.


A few updates for you:

·        We are looking to see what kind of interest we will have to host another St. Patty’s Day event on Saturday March 18th this year. 

·        Dylan’s candle name ideas have been submitted and we are going to summarize the results and have our Board of Directors vote on the decision, any more ideas for scent or name?

·        We are looking for a few new faces on the Board of Directors for DJ’s Foundation.  Any interested candidates, please send a letter of interest via fax to 610-593-4782 or email to: BabyDJ@djsfoundation.org

·        Our 3rd Golf Outing is slated for Friday, June 2nd this year and we are looking to form another committee to help out with the event.  Anyone interested, please contact our Committee Chairperson (Bill Grablewski) at bill@proactivemarketing.com so we can schedule our first organizational meeting soon.

·        DJ’s beanie bear has arrived!  They are $10 each or $12 via internet which includes shipping.  You can view photos of the bear online, he is pretty cute and we are proud of Dylan’s daddy for the custom design!  We are now trying to make it a collectible bear to commemorate children who lost their battle with TSD.  If you are interested in honoring your child in this way, please contact us on how to make this happen!

·        Most of you are curious about Dylan’s health I’m sure.  The answer is amazingly…he is bouncing back and getting stronger…I can’t explain it other than he is our little Energizer bunny, he keeps going and going!  Angels have that power I guess!  Brady is getting so big and beginning to look more and more like his big brother’s clone!

·        Lastly, we are thrilled to receive all of Dylan’s videos from his first four years on DVDs.  Dylan’s cousins Kim and Daren spent months of tireless nights merging all of these for us and they are priceless!  I wanted to share with you that in watching the videos of Dylan playing patty cake, giggling and babbling, we forgot how much he was able to enjoy his first year.  Tubby time was one of his favorites, but something I didn’t remember until watching the memories; and a sure sign that he was sent from heaven…DYLAN’S FIRST WORD was none other than…”GOD”!  


That’s all for now, enjoy the beautiful weather tomorrow!

Much love,

The Mannings



“JUST BELIEVE”…If love was a cure for Tay-Sachs, Dylan would live FOREVER!