We just wanted to let you all know that Dylan is visiting with friends and
family in Boston this weekend.  On our way up we stopped to conduct a
presentation on Tay-Sachs to a pharmaceutical company in New Jersey called
Americus Therapeutics.  There were scientists that work on gene therapy who
were very interested in seeing a "REAL" child who suffers from the diseases
they are trying to find treatments for!  We had a wonderful tour of their
facility and we are so happy to know that they are working on an answer to
our prayers!

We also heard from a very important person on the way who gave us some
exciting news!!  Dylan will be going to Fenway Park's Clubhouse on Saturday
morning to personally meet Johnny Damon!  We wanted to let you know this
right away because he has mentioned wearing the "JUST BELIEVE" bracelet this
weekend for the Yankees series and the game is on ESPN!!!  If you are around
a television, check it out to see if #18 is wearing a blue band, we are
hoping something is mentioned about it by the ESPN announcers!  We are in
Boston for an open house for all of the family and friends who have been
fundraising for Dylan and those who are anxiously awaiting to meet Brady!

Have a great weekend!
The Mannings