July 16, 2005 will go down as one of the GREATEST DAYS OF OUR LIVES...What
an incredible experience!  There aren't any words to describe how much this
meant to all of us to treasure always as part of Dylan's life!

Johnny was such a fantastic guy and we will always be grateful to his
brother James for making the connection for Dylan!

Brady got his first (probably of many) chance to visit Fenway Park and on a
Yankees/Red Sox Game Day!  We got a personal tour of the Park and Dylan had
his chance to touch the GREEN MONSTER!

Johnny was very kind to Dylan and extremely touched by his story...notice
the bracelet in the photos, he wore it on game day and you can see pics on
Yahoo Sports of the bracelet!  We were thrilled to death and are still in
awe of the story we can tell for years to come!  As of today, he has now
worn the bracelet for 4 games straight, we hope that this streak continues
as his hitting streak did!

Check out this link to a great picture of Johnny's wearing Dylan's "Just
Believe" bracelet!!