Hi everyone!
It is hard to believe that God sent little Brady to us four weeks ago today!
He and his big brother Dylan are getting along very well.  They are both
vying for our attention which becomes a bit challenging at times but so well
worth it!  Sleep schedules are still very tricky but with our late night
hours it is a bit easier to manage.  Mommy went back to work part-time after
a few months of bed rest so we are getting back to business as usual.  Thank
God for our parents who have been a blessing to us!  They take turns coming
to help out with the boys until we get used to juggling the two.

Dylan had the opportunity this past weekend to meet LeAnn in person after
attending her concert.  We took him to Baltimore's "Cure for Kids" concert
where she performed and he was awake during the entire concert.  He really
enjoyed himself and we were happy to give him some sense of enjoyment with
her music.   We were thrilled with this since he has been struggling with a
double ear infection and a cold.  He is battling through it with his daily
doses of oxygen, breathing treatments and antibiotics.  He is starting to
enjoy the outdoors again after being cooped up most of the winter.  He loves
to go for walks and riding in his swing.  Last week he started back to his
swimming regimen at the local indoor pool with his physical therapist.  At
home we are still busy with occupational therapy and music therapy and
hospice pays a weekly visit to discuss Dylan's needs.

There are a few upcoming events if you are interested in attending:

* Our next candle run is this weekend for anyone who has been taking orders,
please fax them to 610-593-4782.
* Saturday, May 21st is the dedication of the "Sky's the Limit" Playground
in Kerr Park, Downingtown.  Dylan supported this effort to allow kids with
special needs an opportunity to have lots of fun!
* Saturday, May 21st the Moms Club of Honey Brook is planning a family
picnic for Dylan at Euker Park in Honey Brook to educate area families about
Tay-Sachs Disease.
* The Harlem Wizards (trick shot players like the Globetrotters) will be
hosting a benefit basketball game at the Downingtown West High School on
Saturday, June 11th at 7 pm.  This will be an enjoyable family night out.
For ticket information, visit
www.whippetsbasketball.com .Dylan's daddy was
asked to play on the other team vs. the Wizards so it should be
* The Boiling Springs High School Football Team is hosting a golf outing to
benefit Dylan and the football booster club on Friday, June 17 in the
Harrisburg area.  If you are interested in participating or donating prizes,
advertising sponsorships, please contact us through email for more info.
* Our organizational Golf Outing Committee will be getting together to
discuss the details of the upcoming outing on Monday, September 12, 2005.
If you are interested in participating or joining the committee, please
contact us.
* Brady will be christened at St. Joseph's Catholic Church on Saturday, June
18th.  The proud godparents are Uncle Kenny Godwin and Auntie Jen Martin.
* The "Just Believe" bracelets and car magnets are still for sale on the
website and the cookbooks are available also.

There will be plenty more pictures on the web of the two boys this week so
be sure to check them out!

Have a great day!
The Manning Family