Just wanted to let everyone know that the Downingtown West Football team
intends to give Dylan the game ball following their home game tomorrow
(FRIDAY) at their Manor Ave field.  The game starts at 7:30 pm.

Also, a few people have inquired about our agency # for the United Way.  We
have worked it out with the United Way that we are not required to be an
affiliated agency and anyone who chooses to donate to DJ's Foundation can
just WRITE IN "DJ's Foundation for Tay-Sachs Disease" and our address PO Box
1444, Exton, PA  19341.

We are also going on a candle run this weekend if you have any orders to
place.  The CHRISTMAS SCENTS ARE IN!!!  Get them early as last year they
sold out in late October!  Order forms are available on our website

Remember, if you don't have any plans for Sunday, the fundraiser for Mark
D'Angelo at the USTC in Thorndale is on Sunday for the ENTIRE family!  Music
and activities will be held throughout the day!  Contact me if you'd like
more info.

Dylan is holding his own, he just turned 46 months old and he is fighting
the good fight!  His baby brother rolled over for the first time this past
weekend and we were more than thrilled as that was a milestone that his big
brother Dylan never reached!  He is five months old already.  He had his
Tay-Sachs carrier blood test last week and we find out the result tomorrow.

Anyone interested in purchasing some nice quality wrapping paper for the
holidays, the National Tay-Sachs Organization is holding their annual
fundraiser through Sally Foster Gift Wrap.  You can view their catalog at
www.sallyfoster.com and contact us with any orders you may have.  The NTSAD
makes 50% on all sales and it goes towards newly diagnosed families who wish
to go to the Annual Conference for support and resources.

Other exciting news to share...Bill Grablewski and his wife Tanya just
delivered a healthy baby boy early this morning.  (Bill is on DJ's
Foundation Board of Directors)  Welcome to the world, Ryan Nicholas!  We are
happy for you and big sister Maddie!

Have a great weekend and please continue to keep us in your prayers!

The Mannings