Dear DJ,
As I sat down to write I thought to myself, ''How do you say merry Christmas to an Angel?''
Then the answer came to me. In one word it's YOU! YOU! are small and perfect, to look into those gorgeous eyes of yours, the first and most appropriate phrase to enter my mind is THANK YOU!
This Christmas morning as YOU hold the Lord's hand to pray, look at the shiney ornements and then say though my packages are invisible the boxes that make up your heart are filled with love, freedom, grace, joy, which as YOU know are the finest gifts of all!
Dylan, though the second part of my gift is not one which can be read aloud or held, it is something that I sighently pledged from my heart to yours, on that September day we met!
I will tell countless people about YOU and your remarkable story, until it is safe for me to say, ''A cure was found and we beat Tay-Sachs this day!''
Merry Christmas and Happy New year, written with all my love in 2006... JUSTBELIEVE,
Liz Warren DJ's biggest fan!