Evil Scientists - Tara Gravatt

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I hate you and the way you think,
I hate the way you feel!
Five babies have this disease,
and you can't find a cure?  Get Real!

Well how would you feel if that was you child?
1 of 5 with the Tay-Sachs disease?
Oh, snap I forgot, why put yourself in the parent's shoes?
You should keep your mind at ease.

I'm not understanding why you're being so stupid
Not preventing this ahead of time!
Now you've left me here despising you
And making up this silly rhyme.

I know an innocent little boy,
A lot younger than you, he's two!
His parents just found out he has this disease,
And you don't want to help?   Shame on You!

Dylan you should know you're loved,
Keep your cute as a button face at its best.
Mr. and Mrs. Manning I wish you luck
To you and all the rest.

And to you, you "evil scientists"
Who don't want to help these kids get well,
I hate you, and the way you feel
Your attitude is as evil as the devil from hell!

** Poem was contributed by Tara Gravatt, a Drib-l Summer League participant.  She submitted this for an English class assignment in poetry and her mother shared it with us after she received her A+!  We feel your frustration, Tara and Thank you!











Copyright 2011 DJ's Foundation For Tay Sachs